PSDO (Philanthropic & Stewardship Development Office)

Who we are & what we do

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Alaminos is located in the western most part of Pangasinan 
in the Island of Luzon. It comprises of 20 parishes in its ecclesiastical jurisdiction. 
Its area is surrounded with bodies of water and mountains and farmlands.
Majority of the populace belong to the poor and marginalized sector in the society. 
It is our goal to help alleviate and uplift their living conditions thru our advocacies.

Our advocacies thru PSDO springs from the challenges of today’s world that include 
the upholding of the dignity and developing the potential of the Human Person 
with the preferential pastoral love for the poor; and promoting the Integrity of Creation.

Thus  we  have established the Philanthropic & Stewardship Development Office 
to administer the resources to sustain these advocacies.

Our Mission:

Satisfy their Hunger,

Share them your Bread,

Strengthen their Spirits...
Pastoral Care for Women & Children and Persons  with Disabilities (PWD’s)

It is our advocacy to be the voice and strength of the weak and underprivileged. 
Therefore, programs have been established to respond and cater to their needs 
such as Life Skills & Value Formation; Integrated Health & Nutrition Programs 
and Protection of Women & Children and Persons with Disabilities (PWD’s).
Scholarship Program

It is our advocacy to help the economically poor but deserving students 
to rise above poverty and contribute to the welfare of the society. 
The scholarship program aims not only to give them education but to 
develop their potential and empower them and contribute positively to 
the welfare of the society.

Care for the Integrity of Creation - iPlant Movement

Inspired by Pope Francis’s Laudato Si, “to care for our common home”, 
it is our advocacy to promote and fight for the Integrity of Creation 
by planting trees as many as possible thru the “iPlant Movement” which 
will lead to a healthy and sustainable environment and generate food for all 
and livelihood especially for the poor farmers.
How to Share


Account Name:
- The Roman Catholic Bishop of Alaminos, Inc.

Account Number:
- 554550500040

- Philippine National Bank – Alaminos Branch RBU


Please inform the Campaign Administrator if donation is made 
for the issuance of acknowledgement receipt through the following contact numbers:

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Alaminos
Philanthropic & Stewardship Development Office

Mobile No. +(63) 995 131 3847 / 921 417 7970
Ways to Share


SDO will be the beneficiary of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program.


Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries

Promotions, Achievements, Reunions

Remembrance for the Faithful Departed

Other Special Occasion to share ones blessings

Commitment in a form of Pledges

Giving of a donation on a regular basis to one or more programs to be supported


Last Will & Testament

Insurance Beneficiary




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