BEC (New Evangelization)

PCP II (2nd Plenary Council of the Philippines) on BEC's
“Our vision of the Church as communion, participation and mission, about the Church as priestly, prophetic and kingly people, and a Church of the poor, that is a renewed Church, is today finding expression in one ecclesial movement, that is the movement to foster Basic Ecclesial Communities” (PCP II 137).

“They are small communities of Christians, usually of families, who gather around the Word of God and the Eucharist. These communities are united to their pastors but are ministered to regularly by lay leaders. The members know each other by name and share not only the Word of God and the Eucharist but also their concerns both material and spiritual. They have a strong sense of belongingness and of responsibility for one another. (PCP II 138)

Usually emerging at the grassroots among poor farmers and workers, Basic Ecclesial Communities consciously strive to integrate their faith and their daily life. They are guided and encouraged by regular catechesis. Poverty and their faith urge their members towards solidarity with one another, action for justice, and towards a vibrant celebration of life in the liturgy. (PCP II 139).

“Basic Ecclesial Communities under various names and forms – BCCs, small Christian communities, covenant communities – must be vigorously promoted for the full living of the Christian vocation in both urban and rural areas.” (PCP II decrees, article 109)

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) is to issue an official statement on BECs, on their nature and functions as recognized by the Church, making it clear that they are not simply another organization. This official statement of the CBCP shall be, among others things, for the proper orienting of priests and seminarians. Training for work with BECs shall be made part of seminary formation.” (PCP II decrees, article 110)

CBCP-Pastoral-for-2017-Year-of-the-Parish-as-Communion-of-Communities-in-English-Version (download)


BEC-Evangelization-Formation-Modules_English (download)

BEC-Evangelization-Formation-Modules_Ilokano (download)

BEC-Evangelization-Formation-Modules_Tagalog (download)


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